The power of volunteerism

When you’re young and fortunate enough to have parents like mine, you get a lot of encouragement about being a good person. If you’re really lucky, you get to see a great example in action. Thanx, Mom & Dad. But, as in all parental wisdom, the student only becomes the teacher when the time is right. First, if you’re really motivated, you find a way to budget volunteer time into your schedule. Before you know it, you’re having to find a way to fit some work time into your days, to help pay for the volunteering.

In these difficult financial times, it’s easy to just sit at home and hold on tight to what you have, in case it sprouts wings or something. But if you peek out from under your fuzzy blanket, you’ll see some truly needy and even desperate people out there. Those who have had it all, but then lost most of it. The really good people have loving families who hold fast together, even though they miss the luxuries and trendy stuff. Those people will make it.

Back to volunteering. I wish sometimes that there was a way to make a living at volunteering. Dumb, huh? But then I could devote all my time to helping where it’s needed without having to worry about having to do work, too. Not that I don’t love my work...

Volunteer. It’s a two-for-one deal. You help someone and make yourself feel good, too.