Reflections on hard times

Whenever I think things look pretty good, positive, moving forward, some pundit says the figures show otherwise. Which is why I don’t read movie reviews. I’m not really all that gullible, but I can be swayed, especially if I’m on the fence. So how do you really know? Unless you’re really in trouble, without a job, way behind on your bills, about to lose it all, it’s pretty relative. I don’t indulge myself as much these days with stuff I don’t need. Little stuff, maybe, just as a treat, but I’m not stocking up on a new fall wardrobe, if you know what I mean. Business could be better, but people still need to advertise, so there are still some wise ones out there who need the services of a graphic artist. And music continues to “soothe the savage breast” so there’s still a need for tuning the harp strings and keeping my nails short.

By the way, if you need either artwork or music, call me. I’m making deals these days with the right people.